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Sometimes life is just a little too tight in the crotch.

Sometimes life can get away from us. We’ve all experienced the fast pace of modern times, but with all the technology available to us in this day and age, we figure we have it all under control. Until we don’t. … Continue reading

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I caved.

Yes. I did it. I caved. You may recall back on January 7, 2011 I posted an article entitled “Content is King”. If not, by all means check it out, you will need the ammunition to judge me when I confess: … Continue reading

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Ninja Office Furniture.

Yes, you read that correctly, I said “Ninja Office Furniture”. You know exactly what I mean too. That office chair that jumps out in front of you causing you to break three toes (not me, my high school bestie), or … Continue reading

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Spell check: good or bad?

How often do you get ready to push “send” on an email, a tweet, a text message, or IM and right at the last second notice a typo? Your finger is poised over the button and as it makes contact … Continue reading

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Life in the Fast Lane: Amazingly tech savvy.

Amazingly tech savvy? Yes, I mean me. (Stop laughing!)   I actually downloaded the Blackberry software program to my laptop last night (after owning this BlackBerry for almost a year). Little slow on the draw. Heh. It took a while to load … Continue reading

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