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I owe Baz Luhrmann an apology.

I am not a film critic, nor would I ever attempt to be. Not no way, not no how. But I put myself out there when I first heard that Baz Luhrmann was directing a new version of “The Great … Continue reading

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Why I Write.

Why do I write? How do I write? How can I write? All my life I have been asked all the above questions and many more by friends, family and sometimes strangers. Maybe they were seated next to me as … Continue reading

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I caved.

Yes. I did it. I caved. You may recall back on January 7, 2011 I posted an article entitled “Content is King”. If not, by all means check it out, you will need the ammunition to judge me when I confess: … Continue reading

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Things to do when you are in a pissy mood.

We’ve all been there. Your day is sailing alone fine, when lo and behold something or more often, someone ticks you off. Now you are pissy. What to do to bounce back and fling yourself back into the sunshine? 1. … Continue reading

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Words can inspire.

Yesterday I ran across this most excellent quote: In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. – Eric Hoffer Those words define … Continue reading

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Book Reviews coming soon.

Nothing is better than a rainy weekend. This week was far too long. Rainy Fridays can sometimes be eternal. Yes, I sound like Nostradamus…or Captain Obvious…but there is good news at the end. Books. Heading home on a rainy friday … Continue reading

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I believe I have a serious problem…

…and this problem can be named in one word: addict. That’s me, “Hello, my name is Charlsey and I am an addict.” Call in the 13-step wizards, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew and the rest of  the psycho-babble-pseudo-physicians, the lot. Call … Continue reading

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