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On Michael Hastings

I came to learn about Michael Hastings from Jack Gray, a writer/producer for Anderson Cooper 360, years ago. On Jack’s recommendation, I followed Michael on Twitter, especially enjoying his tweets from a writer’s workshop he attended in New England. Commenting on … Continue reading

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Sometimes life is just a little too tight in the crotch.

Sometimes life can get away from us. We’ve all experienced the fast pace of modern times, but with all the technology available to us in this day and age, we figure we have it all under control. Until we don’t. … Continue reading

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Why I Write.

Why do I write? How do I write? How can I write? All my life I have been asked all the above questions and many more by friends, family and sometimes strangers. Maybe they were seated next to me as … Continue reading

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Eliminating “regret” from ones vocabulary.

Sometimes in life we tend to look back on past times, relationships and situations and feel regret. Perhaps we could have made more educated and informed decisions. Maybe we could have acted with more thought than anger. Maybe. And maybe not. … Continue reading

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I caved.

Yes. I did it. I caved. You may recall back on January 7, 2011 I posted an article entitled “Content is King”. If not, by all means check it out, you will need the ammunition to judge me when I confess: … Continue reading

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The cheese stands alone. My love affair with grilled cheese.

Do I make you drool? Ah…sit back, relax, and take a moment to observe this splendid specimen. The simple beauty of the grilled cheese sandwich. Golden brown, bubbly, buttery goodness you can hold in your hand. Perfection, pure and simple. What could … Continue reading

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When the light turns green.

There are times in our lives when things turn on a dime, the switch has been flipped, the light turns green and just like that. . .you go. On that wild, crazy day you feel that your life has begun anew. It’s … Continue reading

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