Ever since I was able to hold a pencil, I was consumed with writing. Reading and writing remain my activities of choice to this day.

One of the most enjoyable things about WordPress is meeting fellow writers, learning from each other, and sharing conversation, frustration, and tips. Its been a great experience and there is a wealth of talent here. My biggest challenge is finding the time to blog while holding down a career as a professional writer. I am working on that, but I’ve a long way to go.

As for me, beside my favorite pastimes listed above, I enjoy great conversation, good friends, food adventures, travel, music, films and the theater. An aficionado of architecture and art, I enjoy photographing same, gallery hopping and exploring. Maven of museums, I travel to near and distant cities seeking to discover new and old treasures.

Thank you for checking out my space, I hope you will learn something, be amused, or at the very least…smile.




2 Responses to About

  1. Just a little suggestion: you could add some info about yourself on this page. Thanks for writing such a great blog!

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