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Compliments: Take the time to speak your mind.

Nothing gets your day started off on the right foot like a well placed compliment, but how often do we take the time to tell someone what we are thinking? In today’s fast paced “its all about me” world, people … Continue reading

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I believe I have a serious problem…

…and this problem can be named in one word: addict. That’s me, “Hello, my name is Charlsey and I am an addict.” Call in the 13-step wizards, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew and the rest of  the psycho-babble-pseudo-physicians, the lot. Call … Continue reading

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Life in the Fast Lane: Amazingly tech savvy.

Amazingly tech savvy? Yes, I mean me. (Stop laughing!)   I actually downloaded the Blackberry software program to my laptop last night (after owning this BlackBerry for almost a year). Little slow on the draw. Heh. It took a while to load … Continue reading

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If women ruled the world.

Earlier I was reading an article by CNN contributor David Gergen entitled “What is Obama’s endgame in Libya?” In the article, Mr. Gergen observes it was three women who talked President Obama into using force against Gadhafi: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Susan … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quote of the Day

In light of current events in the news, this is a reminder to break away and give it a rest. It is easy to become addicted to watching disaster coverage. We all need to be aware of burnout, especially when … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quote of the Day

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was first in the White House to hold weekly press conferences. She also wrote a widely popular syndicated newspaper column entitled “My Day”. Far … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quote of the Day

“A writer’s job is to imagine everything so personally that the fiction is as vivid as memories.” – John Irving John Irving may well be my favorite writer. His books are detailed, tragic, yet full of memories, moments and best … Continue reading

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